never blow a closable sales call Again

As a sales closer, there’s nothing that hits like Tyson gut-punch quite like losing a “closeable deal”. 

At best, you’ll see hundreds or thousands of commissions go up in flames with a single “phone click”. At worst, you’ll have to defend your “L” to a sales manager who DGAF about your excuses.

Stop defending your inexcusable misses.

Start Celebrating Your Inevitable Conquests (& Alpha Commission Checks)

Every experienced closer knows how to spot it.

The “microsecond” a high-ticket sale is lost. They feel the prospect dis-engage. Their mind go blank. Their walls go up. And their wallets close. Most so-called “closers” fold like a cheap suit. Spending the rest of the 20-30 mins “going through the motions” while creating a list of “defences” they’ll share with their team or director for blowing the deal.

Alpha Closers™ on the other hand come prepared. Mentally, emotionally, and with razor-sharp sales skills that GUARANTEE that no closeable sale is ever missed. Rather than reciting excuses in their head, they get off the call feeling like Freddie-freakin-Mercury having his words sung back to him at Wembley — eager to jump off the call so they can ring the bell and take a victory lap around the office.

The 3-Step Plan to Closing Like the Ultimate Sales Alpha

As a closer, nothing will accelerate your success curve (and income growth) faster than mastering your energy, your confidence, and your sales performance. Alpha Closers™ will help you nail the trifecta.

Step 1:

Master Your Inner State

Confidence and conviction can’t be “forced”. Here we’ll install the mindset of the top 1% of closers.

Step 2:

Master Your Personal Energy

Many calls are “lost” due to inconsistent performance and energy crashes. Here we’ll show you how to “get in the zone” on command. And stay there.

Step 3:

Master Your Closing Skills

Objections are inevitable. The fastest way to 2x-5x your close rate is to become masterful at turning concerns into conviction.

Become an Elite Sales Closer in Record Time!


Taylor Welch

Taylor is the co-founder and original “closer” for three, 8-figure publishing companies, including Traffic & Funnels; a pioneer in the coaching and consulting space.
The thing he credits most for the rapid growth of his companies?

Sales. You can have the fanciest funnels in the world. The best ads, the best copy, the best customer service; but unless you can get the “yes” -- and get it nearly at will… your velocity will be severely stunted.

Taylor has mastered the art of using high-ticket closing as the main engine for RAPID revenue generation and business growth.


A no-nonsense program to uplevel your energy, your confidence and your close-rate. Guaranteed.

The goal is simple. Never show up to another sales call feeling nervous and unprepared. And never “get off the line” knowing you could’ve done more to close the deal and cash your check.


Objection Toolbox

This 5-part video series with give you word-by-word responses for dealing with the most common objections sales people encounter. Plus - role plays with our team demonstrating these responses in action!


Morning Formula

In this enlightening training, we reveal the real-world techniques that our team, our clients, and our leaders use to show up as our best selves, day in and day out. The Morning Formula is a must for high performers.


Outcome Planner

Maximize your output and cut your work day in half with our proprietary productivity system, specially designed to help you achieve even your most audacious goals in half the time it would normally take.


Behavioral Optimization

Ideal results follow ideal behavior patterns. In the 3-part Behavioral Optimization video series, Taylor lays out the mental models for optimizing your motivations, your environment, and the math required to hit your targets.


Mindset Mastery Collection

Your mind is by far the most powerful tool in your arsenal. This collection of recordings from two of our top sales coaches will show you how to build and shape the bulletproof mindset of a 6-figure sales pro.


Energy & Performance

Our ultimate guide for protecting energy in order to maintain peak performance as a salesperson. Abandon the ups and downs by locking in your habits, establishing control, and tapping into your environment.

Become an Elite Sales Closer in Record Time!

Hurry - before this discount expires...


See What Others Say About The SalesMentor

Don't just take our word for it - let some of our clients do the talking!


"Helped me close even more (and much easier)..."

"To be completely honest, I have been a salesman for a while now and was closing well but the tips and views on selling helped me close even more (and much easier)."
- Nick S.


"High value investment into one's personal development..."

"The programs offered are truly worth the investment. I highly recommend the Sales Mentor program as a high value investment into one's professional development."
- Miguel A.


"They teach you how to be a better & more motivated individual..."

"Not only do they teach you how to be an amazing sales person and leader, but they teach you how to be a better and more motivated individual. While I did have sales experience, it is 100% not necessary."
- Lindsay S.

Here's what you get:

6 laser-focused sales training modules designed to uplevel your energy, confidence and close-rate.

  • Smash your personal sales records (and even your boss or sales managers' records)
  • Earn record-breaking commission checks (that GROW each month)
  • Never feel the stinging shame of a “call gone south” again

All for an all-time low price of only:


You're Covered by a 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee!

Plus, you're covered by our 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee...

We stand behind our training and programs. And Alpha Closers is no exception. Try the course risk-free. If it doesn't completely transform your approach to sales, submit a support ticket or call our team.

We'll refund your purchase in full – even if it's months or years from now!

You’re Primed For a Brag-Worthy ROI with Alpha Closers

The trainings in Alpha Closers are perfect for you if any of these apply to you...

 you're a high-ticket closer (PRIVATE)

 You work full time as a sales pro

 You're a "setter" who wants to close

 You're looking to sell you're own offer

 You know you have room to improve

 You want to maximize revenue & Commissions


If You're Serious About Being A Top-Producing Closer Then It's Time to Go Alpha...

If you’re an active “in the game” closer, the tiny investment in exchange for this wealth of hard-earned sales wisdom should be easy. And far less than the fear of losing another good lead.

Truth is, if all you did was close just ONE extra sale in the next few months based on what you implement inside Alpha Closers™, you’ll have likely 10-40x’d your ROI in a single “yes”. 

Go Alpha Today for only $27

Quickly... Before your 72% off discount expires!

Plus, You're Covered by a 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee!

Last Call for Serious High-Ticket Closers Ready to Close Like an Alpha™

  • Smash your personal sales records (and even your boss or sales manager’s)... earning you team-wide respect and “alpha” status.
  • ​Earn record-breaking commission checks that not only become your “new normal” but grow month after month
  • Never feel the stinging shame of a “call gone south” again — and instead navigate even the harshest objections with Liam Neeson level “skills”.

Go Alpha Today for only $27

Quickly... Before your 72% off discount expires!

Plus, You're Covered by a 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee!
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